#1)  App Marketing:

We not longer are taking new clients to develop native mobile apps for both: Apple Store and GooglePlay.  (We will continue to support our clients with apps already in the app-stores).

However... ...We are switching (and in beta phase) to "Progressive Web Mobile Apps".

Some features found in the "native-apps / app stores", are not found with the Progressive Web Apps -neither they are displayed in the app stores. Click the button below if interested to know if a Progressive Web App is a right fit for you. 

#2)  Video Marketing:

We are offering a new service: Chatbot for business increase.  Our video marketing service is now bounded with the chatbot. However, if you are interested on video marketing alone, we can provide it by itself. No problem.  Yet, we encourage you to check out our Chatbot service as well.

Click the button below to check out our Chatbot/video services:

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